About Vettd

Every organization in the world deserves access to the tools, knowledge, and resources they need to maximize their economic impact through data innovation.

Our story

Helping organizations maximize their impact through data innovation.

We were frustrated seeing organizations like yours, with vision of tomorrow, being stuck in place.

After spending our first 8 years working hands on with visionary leaders and teams around the world, we started to see a pattern emerge. Passionate and dedicated leaders to their missions, were stuck in place by a lack of access to the tools, knowledge, and resources they needed to fulfill their vision for their business of tomorrow. These visions were as small as gaining a single insight across mass volumes of data or as large as entirely new ways for their teams to work. Even dreaming up never before seen product experiences was commonplace.

The way forward

Relentless pursuit of organizational impact through data innovation by helping them:

Embrace a data-driven culture that develops new competencies and proactively seeks out visionary use cases.

Create data ecosystems that are the foundations of current and future growth supported by AI.

Create data-first applications that take advantage of data ecosystems and deliver visionary results.

Make best use of AI tools and techniques to ethically deal with data at scale.

We make the world's best CRMs, HRISs, ATSs, and Marketplaces even more effective.

Our team

Meet the Vettd team

Meet the community of scientists, innovators, developers, investors, and advisors that are dedicated to helping organization maximize their impact through data innovation.

Ali Shokoufandeh, PhD
Data Scientist

Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Operations, Drexel University

Andrew Buhrmann
President & CEO

Former Cofounder, Balance Financial | Former B2B Cloud Strategy, TaxACT

Craig Carns
VP Engineering

Former Cofounder, Balance Financial | Former Senior Software Engineer, TaxACT

Dario Salvucci, PhD
Data Scientist

Professor of Computer Science, Drexel University

Dave Williams
Board Member

CFO, Columbia Hospitality | Former CFO, Cascadia Capital

Deanna Oppenheimer
Past Board Member & Investor

Founder, CameoWorks | Chair, Hargreaves Lansdown, plc | Senior Independent Director, Tesco, plc

Dr. Marshall Titus
Advisory Board Member

Managing Dentist, Willamette Dental Group | Commissioner, Council on Dental Accreditation, ADA

Ernesto Chavarin
Advisory Board Member

Digital Native Businesses, AWS | Former Director of Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft

Jeffrey Brennan
General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer

Former Chief Privacy Officer, Finsphere

Kelly Chen
Data Scientist

Yale University

Kurtis Dane
User Experience & Design

Former Product & Marketing, Sprinkler, Microsoft & Finsphere

Michael Buhrmann

Former CEO Finsphere | Former CEO @mobile | Former Chairman at m-Qube | Former VP Strategy AT&T Wireless

Michael Millegan
Board Member

Independent Board Director, Portland General Electric | Independent Board Director, Wireless Technology Group | Former President, Verizon

Robert Huynh
Marketing Strategy

Trevor Honsberger
Director of AI Implementation

Former Cofounder, Balance Financial | Former Product Manager, TaxACT

We're hiring!

Our team is growing fast and we’re always looking for smart people.


News from Vettd

Vettd named a featured Vendor by Talent Tech Labs

For the second year in a row, Vettd was hand-picked to be a featured vendor in Talent Tech Labs' industry acclaimed "Talent Acquisition Technology Ecosystem".

Vettd Partners with BoardReady to Launch HR Industry’s First Team Analytics Solution

Vettd, innovators in data science and machine intelligence solutions for Human Resource Management, today announced the release of a new solution, “Team Analytics,” designed to assess and optimize leadership teams based on experience and credentials.

When AI tells you the success of your new hire, before you hire them

AI has gone from Hollywood screens to many aspects of our lives, including the hiring process where millions of data points processed intelligently are able to give us new perspectives on a candidate than a resume and interview ever could.

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