Vettd Partners with BoardReady to Launch HR Industry’s First Team Analytics Solution

11 Jan 2022

New Solution Leverages Latest in Data Science, Pinpoints C-Suite Strengths and Weaknesses, and Advances BoardReady’s Mission of Increasing Diversity on Corporate Boards.


Vettd, innovators in data science and machine intelligence solutions for Human Resource Management, today announced the release of a new solution, “Team Analytics,” designed to assess and optimize leadership teams based on experience and credentials. Building on the platform’s existing capabilities to rank and score top candidates, the new solution leverages the latest developments in data science and machine learning to evaluate each executive’s experience and overlays future company trajectory to spot potential areas of weakness and hiring opportunities.

The solution follows on the heels of Vettd’s latest partnership with BoardReady, by powering BoardReady’s mission to diversify corporate boards through matching qualified women with boards in need of more diverse skills and experiences. As part of this strategic partnership, BoardReady’s founder, Deanna Oppenheimer, has joined Vettd’s board of directors to advise on customer acquisition and business development.

Lack of diversity and inclusion of women in corporate boards continues to be an important issue. Figures from 2015 cited by the “2020 Women on Boards Gender Diversity Index of Fortune 1000 companies” show that women make up less than 20% of its board members. “Accelerating the number of women at the highest levels of companies has long been a passion of mine and served as the primary driver for launching BoardReady,” said Deanna Oppenheimer, founder and CEO. “BoardReady’s gap analysis uses the Vettd Team Analytics platform to match a company’s specific needs with qualified candidates through unbiased machine discovery. This tailored service is available to search firms, companies and anyone looking to expand their pool of qualified candidates and ultimately improve their governance effectiveness.”

Vettd has developed a patent-pending method for measuring semantic relatedness of documents. Combining state of the art information extraction techniques with deep semantic analysis, Vettd can construct a network of relationships between individuals and requirements. Using this technology, Vettd’s initial service offerings provide hiring managers tools to rapidly sift through and match candidates to job opportunities.

“We are very excited to be working with BoardReady,” said Michael Buhrmann, CEO of Vettd. “Given existing natural language inputs, such as investor documentation and board member resumes, Vettd can generate actionable insights that help companies improve their board selections, including the inclusion of diversity candidates with backgrounds and experience that match the company’s stated strategic needs and direction.”

Vettd and BoardReady announced its partnership yesterday in Seattle with a demonstration of the Team Analytics’ capabilities that analyzes a sample of Fortune 100 companies’ corporate priorities and direction against current board members to identify areas of weakness and opportunity. The partnership with BoardReady opens the door to utilizing Vettd’s data science to help increase diversity at the highest levels of the workplace.

About Vettd

Founded in 2014, Vettd has continued to push the field of data science forward with its groundbreaking technology platform. Vettd is headquartered in Bellevue, WA and has a team of scientists across the country dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that transform how companies manage talent. Vettd has a growing list of integration partnerships with leading applicant tracking systems like iCims, SmartRecruiters and Greenhouse. See for more information.

About BoardReady

Based in Seattle, BoardReady was founded by Deanna Oppenheimer, one of the leading women in international finance. BoardReady’s mission is to promote the inclusion of women and other diverse candidates on governing boards to bring diverse thought and experience to help businesses compete in today’s rapidly changing environment. BoardReady helps women fulfill their potential and encourages them to bring their talents and skill sets to corporate board positions. See for more information.

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