Health & Life Sciences

Preserve and improve outcomes and integrity in Health & Life Sciences through clinical trial, research, and health care effectiveness.

AI-guided patient, provider, & treatment recommendations

Create health data ecosystem

Vettd pulls together the information you need from multiple sources, to create living entities used for  research, assessment, and treatment alignment.

Deploy AI, NLP, & Search

Vettd deploys a suite of AI tools and services to manage and assess multiple layers of information about people, providers, & treatment options.

Deliver health impact

Vettd surfaces the information you care about or need to know and delivers that intelligence in existing and new applications.

Discover the right clinical trials

Patient recruitment stage often is what determines whether the clinical trial will successfully commence or not as around 80% of these studies are either halted or even closed due to low patient recruitment. Vettd puts the power of dynamic, intelligent search and discovery, into patient and provider hands so they don’t miss the best treatment options that need to be considered.

Eliminate generalized health care

Vettd handles the vast, intensive data and analytics needed to recognize the nuances of tailoring medical care to a unique patient. Vettd helps you access, aggregate, and integrate all the hard-to-manage data to easily support research and discovery for each patient’s needs.

Fix broken health data

Traditional data approaches cannot keep up with the velocity of new data being generated nor the diversity of data being captured. Vettd helps companies transform and harvest this data so they can identify and attain significant growth opportunities. Vettd is driving the next generation of change through Health Data Innovation.

“After seeing how the Vettd team and platform develops comprehensive AI solutions for complex data processes, I realized it was far ahead of other AI platforms and services I’ve assessed.”

Dr. Marshall Titus

Commissioner, Council on Dental Accreditation, ADA

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