Protect the trust, security and safety of the country with the right people and technology.

AI-Guided Research & Matching

Create Data Ecosystem

Vettd pulls together the information you need from multiple sources, to create living entities used for  research, matching, and discovery.

Deploy AI, NLP, & Search

Vettd deploys a suite of AI tools and services to manage and assess multiple layers of information about people, companies, & government data.

Deliver Government Impact

Vettd surfaces the information you care about or need to know and delivers that intelligence in existing and new applications.

Level Up Your Research Capabilities

Vettd’s flexible and scalable technology can process unstructured information and connect siloed data for better, more complete research and discovery.

Eliminate Broken Grant Processes

Vettd’s natural language processing AI coupled with our intelligent automation and matching frameworks help governments and organizations more easily discover the right opportunities with each other.

Don't Be Left Out of the Conversation

Governments are not immune to the competitive job market, and arguably may be more vulnerable. The Government job market is facing rising retirement rates and the challenges of attracting younger talent away from the tech-savvy private sector. Vettd gives you the right targeting strategies and technology to change the narrative for job seekers.

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