Expert teams + Expert Technology partners with Point B to provide custom artificial intelligence solutions that improve employee effectiveness.

We do it by helping organizations to be more effective at interpreting and prioritizing large volumes of information. Instead of your skilled staff sifting through information that has unstructured text, classifies and prioritizes it fast. So your employees can focus on what’s important.

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Turn your information into trusted recommendations

Together, and Point B create custom artificial intelligence that uses advanced natural language processing to analyze information. learns from your data and the expert decisions of your staff. Troves of information that would take people months to review, can scrutinize instantly, at a depth and scale not humanly possible.


We’ll build a custom AI for your competitive advantage

Your AI team of data scientists and Point B consultants will create custom artificial intelligence based on your data and using patented innovations. The result is AI that you own and trust.

Point B’s history of delivering mission-critical process improvements, combined with patented breakthroughs in natural language processing, improve the effectiveness of analysts, recruiters, researchers and admissions staff.

Innovate the future of your organization

It’s easy to get started with First, we’ll assimilate your business objectives and the information you work with. Before you commit to an AI project, we’ll use our expertise to map your AI journey and create a low-cost pilot.

Leverage expert teams and expert technology to make your teams more effective. Get clearer understanding. Get better decisions. Get faster outcomes. Get and Point B.

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