Environmental, Social & Governance(ESG)

Measure and manage environmental, social and governance impact through better visibility, insights, and connecting the full picture.

AI-guided people & organization discovery

Create ESG Data Ecosystem

Vettd pulls together the information you need from multiple sources, to create living personas used for research and mission alignment.

Deploy AI, NLP, & Search

Vettd deploys a suite of AI tools and services to manage and assess multiple layers of information about people, their organizations, & outcomes.

Deliver ESG Impact

Vettd understands the people and organization information you care about and delivers that intelligence directly to you.

Don't Overlook Need-to-Know Information

91% of business leaders say they face major challenges in making progress on ESG initiatives including finding the right data to track progress and the time-consuming manual process to report on ESG metrics

Remove Bias & Distraction From ESG Goals

96% of business leaders admit human bias and emotion often distract from the ESG end goals

Maximize ESG Mission Impact

Vettd’s flexible technology gives you the ability to process a wider range of data sources and connects them together to deliver better and more comprehensive insights to keep your mission moving forward.

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