Higher Education

Maximize educational institution impact through improved student research and program discovery.

AI-guided review, discovery, & program recommendations

Create student data ecosystem

Vettd pulls together the information you need from multiple sources, to create personas used for a more holistic understanding of students.

Deploy AI, NLP, & Search

Vettd deploys a suite of AI tools and services to manage and assess multiple layers of information about people and their program fit.

Deliver education impact

Vettd understands the student information you care about and delivers that intelligence in existing and new applications.

Institutions are facing challenges that require new approaches

Decline in student enrollment since 2011
Male student drop in enrollment is 7 times greater than females.
Increase in tuition since 1980 and is outpacing inflation by 170%.
Graduating students have an average debt of over $37,000.

Reduce admissions bias

Vettd processes through the tremendous amount of valuable data available to help you holistically understand who your best potential students are and what they care about. Our approach increases acceptance rates, lowers costs of acquisition, and supports student success through a personalized review experience.

Discover the right Faculty talent

Vettd's technology helps you discover the right faculty that fit your school’s mission and evolving student needs.  Vettd can also help keep your current faculty stay more engaged and relevant through personalized training and development recommendations.

Eliminate Broken Grant Processes

Vettd can deliver insights that feed more effective grant application review processes and streamline the complex collaboration often required for approval. After receiving grant applications, Vettd's suite of AI-guided tools and services are deployed to carefully review every applicant and ensure each one has a fair shot at being considered.

“Vettd has been amazing to work with to realize how data innovation can drive more informed ways of understanding applicants and the opportunities we can provide them”

Adrianne Jones

Chief Admissions Officer, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

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