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Kari Rasmussen
Jacob Ginnish
Lucy Walker
Cedric Xiong
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So many applicants,
too little time

A high volume of candidates creates a “big data” problem when it comes to applicant review. The best people in the right environment will thrive. But today's reliance on manual applicant review causes you to miss the best people because there is simply too much data.

Nobody should be expected to review 100s of documents, then make complex decisions based on 1,000s of near invisible data points. That’s why we created Vettd. We've proved there is hidden value in natural language and can't wait to see what you accomplish when you uncover it.

Kari Rasmussen
Jacob Ginnish
Lucy Walker
Cedric Xiong
100s more...

Proven AI. Trusted results.

After years of partnering with organizations to improve decision-making processes with AI, Vettd has developed a new approach that guarantees meaningful impact.

Trust, ownership, and control

When you use AI built with your own data, your teams can rely on its results.

No in-house expertise necessary

Partner with our AI experts to create AI and incorporate it into your decision-making.

Understand decision biases

Vettd helps you uncover and manage the role bias plays in your selection process.

Partner with Vettd to run a pilot
Measure impact on your processes
Incorporate Vettd into live workflows

Demonstrate impact before committing

Partner with Vettd to quickly create AI models based on your data. Then compare the effectiveness of manual decision-making with AI-supported decision-making.

Once you uncover hidden insights in your applicant data, you’ll find it easy to show others on your team how Vettd can improve your workflows and help you focus on the best applicants.

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