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“The team was extremely impressive when we brought them in to solve a complex client situation that required the development of new capabilities which we had not seen in the market yet.”

Chris Pearce
Vice President of Sales at Tableau Software

“ has the right mission and technology to solve the problems that have continued to elude the most sophisticated teams and service providers.”

Ernesto Chavarin
Sales Leader - Digital Native Businesses at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

“After seeing how the team and platform develops comprehensive AI solutions for complex data processes, it was far ahead of other AI platforms and services I’ve assessed.”

Dr. Marshall Titus
Commissioner, Council on Dental Accreditation, ADA
Why Vettd

6+ years creating 100s of successful AI solutions

We form long-term partnerships with organizations across multiple domains to provide them best-in-class NLP solutions that accelerate productivity and effectiveness.

We use proprietary Vettd AI architectures, not off-the-shelf AI to build your solutions
Unlike the competition, Vettd uses your own data to create your AI for your unique situation
Our AI creation process is fully transparent from end-to-end
Our team of experienced data scientists, developers, and analysts becomes your bolt-on AI team


Maximize your return on investment and achieve sustained user adoption with AI solutions you trust.


Customize your AI and workflow with help from Vettd's expert data scientists, developers, and analysts.


Lead meaningful innovation with custom AI you own rather than generic AI that's licensed by many.

Our approach

The proven AI approach that works every time

When hiring an outside AI team, you'll often come across companies that force ready-made AI solutions on you at the expense of actually achieving your business goals. At Vettd, we always start with your objective first, then create custom AI solutions that unlock value for you.


Proprietary NLP at your fingertips

All of our client solutions are built using our own platform with state-of-the-art NLP that replicates the way humans evaluate and score textual information. Vettd's NLP picks up on layers of nuance not easily identified in manual review. It analyzes resumes, applications, test answers, written communication, and more.

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What does success mean to you?

Whatever your business objective is, can help you achieve success. Come to us with the outcomes you're driving at and we'll help you apply AI that unlocks or amplifies your competitive advantage.

Operational efficiency

Streamline business processes or data workflows with AI tailored to your specific use case.

Business model transformation

Create entirely new apps or services with AI built to create value specifically for you.


Take on more business and capitalize on opportunities with AI that unlocks your competitive advantage.

Getting started

Your path to success

Before committing to high-stakes AI projects, Vettd will assess your business goals and data situation. You'll receive an expert assessment and recommendations on where to begin your journey towards AI success.

1. Define goals

Tying AI solutions to tangible business value is a key challenge we help you overcome early on

2. Analyze data

Working to understand your unique data situation helps us to measure and share the potential impact of AI

3. Recommend solutions

Selecting the best path forward with AI becomes clear with recommended near and long-term solutions

Case studies

Unlocking value with custom AI solutions

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Association of medical colleges

Creating a more diverse class partnered with an association of colleges and their admissions departments to create a solution to their most pressing problem – too many post-graduate applications and not enough time to evaluate them thoroughly.

more diverse applicants surfaced
Remote work program

Evaluating 1,000s of applications in minutes

A city looking to attract talent to the area offers a one-year remote work program that offers cash and co-working space in exchange for relocation. The program receives 1,000s of applicants in response to their marketing efforts.

Reduction in time spent reviewing
Applicants evaluated

What our customers say

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John Carter
VP of Marketing at Webflow

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Jason Larson
Marketing Lead at Google

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Sophie Moore
Head of Marketing at Facebook

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The use cases for AI you didn't know existed

You've probably read about how AI is being used in data security, financial trading, healthcare, fraud detection, or elsewhere. AI has taken hold in these industries, in part, because there is “big data” associated with each and ready-made AI solutions. But, what about the industries or use cases that don’t involve mountains of numerical data?

February 3, 2021

Talent classification cited as a new way for organizations to improve internal talent mobility

In the December 7th issue of First Analysis Quarterly Insights, managing director Corey Greendale concludes that there’s a significant information gap that makes it difficult for organizations to optimize internal talent mobility.

February 3, 2021

What it’s like to be intern at college interns are gaining a unique perspective about the difference between classroom learning and real-world experience. They are being challenged to use open-source and low-cost software components to create prototype applications to compliment or compete with alternative approaches to natural language processing (NLP) solutions.

February 3, 2021

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