Discover the information you need faster.

Work smarter and faster using Data-first applications that deliver instant access to the information you need to gain your advantage over the competition.

Make your CRM, ATS, Marketplace, or Product more productive and impactful with Vettd's Data Innovation Platform.

CaPabilities scaling Using AI, NLP, & Search

You to the nth degree

Vettd amplifies your intuition and intelligence by adapting to your specific needs and work environment. Built from your data ecosystem using tailored AI, NLP, and Search technologies, Vettd assesses thousands of data points in seconds to present, recommend, and guide you to the exact information you need. Vettd’s Data Innovation Platform enables the creation of automated services that deliver unparalleled productivity within applications you use today or to power new products that previously seemed impossible.

Vettd’s Data Innovation Platform opens the door to more innovative and productive research and review methods for teams dealing with complex information.

Gain an advantage with significantly enhanced research and discovery capabilities.

Resumes & Profiles
Faster candidate evaluations
Market Research
New sourcing strategies
Internal Data
Career development guidance
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Improve revenue close rates through better research and discovery of customer relevancy, propensity and resonance.

Buyer profiles
Automated lead generation
Company profiles
Similar buyer sourcing
Product descriptions
Buyer career tracking
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Maximize educational institution impact through improved student research and program discovery.

Holistic applicant review
Program Missions
Program matching & retargeting
Graduate Profiles
Field placement recommendations
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Preserve and improve outcomes and integrity in Health & Life Sciences through Clinical Trial, Research, and Health Care effectiveness.

Patient profiles
Patient empowerment
Clinical trial data
Healthcare personalization
Medical information
Data accessibility
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Measure and manage environmental, social and governance impact through better visibility, insights, and connecting the full picture.

People profiles
Alignment understanding
Company profiles
Impact tracking
Mission intent
Insight unification
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Protect the trust, security and safety of the country with the right people and technology.

Public repositories
Better use of data
Department goals
Expand engagements
Rapid product development
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dynamic SOURCING, RESEARCH, & Discovery

Now all data is fair game

Vettd’s Data Innovation Platform supports visionary use cases by making the best use of AI tools and techniques to deal with data at scale from any source. By dynamically understanding unstructured data and its relationship to fast-tracking decision-making, Vettd provides an approach that saves humans countless hours of research and review time. Even better, it can automate challenging work humans would rather not do.

services focused on your vision

More than just AI

Vettd is more than just technology. We're a company dedicated to helping our customers embrace a Data-driven culture and realize its potential to move your organization forward. From business value assessments to fully managed and maintained deployments, we do the heavy lifting so you can focus on delivering impact. We love making a vision of tomorrow a reality today.

Business Value Assessment

Formalize ROI before you implement Data-first applications

Data Sourcing & Unification

Create a dynamic data ecosystem to power your vision of tomorrow


To ensure success, we do everything from planning to implementation

Training & Enablement

Office hours and guided videos to drive adoption and use cases

@mrcntoine - Co-founder @ Goodland
I love the library! really, it’s such an awesome tool. Having the ability to wireframe in Webflow quickly is so useful - when a layout depends on interactions you can get the client excited about your approach earlier.
Mark Noble - Designer @ MN Studio
These Webflow components are the perfect base for any design system.
Thibault Bain - Designer @ Bain Digital
“Highly recommend this! It was a well organized component library with pretty much everything you need to build any Webflow website.”
Karl M. - Designer @ Fujee Design

Frequently asked questions

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What is Vettd?

Vettd is a data innovation platform that makes research and discovery easier for people so they can gain instant access to information they need to know.

Is my company a good fit for Vettd?

We're a good fit if you're dealing with large volumes of complex data slowing down your teams or customers and you believe there's a better way to use it.

Suppose you're trying to launch or improve an existing product experience that needs to tap into complicated data structures. We're also a good fit!

What is Advantage 2.0?

Advantage 2.0 is the differentiator for businesses that achieve Data Innovation outcomes. The combination of a Data-Driven culture, use-case specific Data Ecosystems, Data-First Applications and AI means that Advantage 2.0 through Data Innovation is a real possibility for businesses today.

Is a Data-first application similar to an AI-first applications?

There is a distinct difference between these. The environment and data sources you're dealing with are what matters most. For B2B enterprise data solutions, the data is what drives everything. AI learns from that data and is deployed throughout the ecosystem to enable new functionality. The data and AI learnings are often proprietary for Data-first applications, whereas AI-first would be for generalized use cases typically targeting a trade.

At this point, an AI-first B2B enterprise data solution would lack the controls, intelligence, and transparency to trust it. Ex: you wouldn't delegate to an AI system, "Hire and fire all my employees..." OR "Go close all my deals for me." Where you see AI-first applications succeed are in video and graphics production, for example, where you can request the AI does something for you, like fade images in and out, and aren't worried about the consequences.,

How long has Vettd been around?

Vettd was founded in 2014 and has a big focus on research and development for advanced AI, NLP, and Search technologies. We have a growing patent portfolio that makes this technology more accessible, and we love collaborating with our customers.

How are you able to support so many different industries?

This was something we discovered early on. The technology needed to tap into one industry that deals with people, knowledge, and opportunities has many applications in another. So Vettd has designed its platform to have flexible tools and services for varying situations that may not seem related on the surface but are highly correlated when looking at the data.

Many of our customers also have various projects they need help with across multiple divisions, and since we love our customers, it's hard to say no to helping someone with a vision that wants to drive real change in the lives of others.

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