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Profiles classified by Vettd

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  • Interpreter:
  • ParsingVersion:
  • FilterVersion:
  • Enterprise Sales
  • v2.3.1
  • v4.1.3
# The goal of this interpreter is to find relevant enterprise sales experience.
  • Name:
  • RoleSegments:
  • HighQuality:
  • // Sample:

  • NoiseIgnored:
  • // Sample:
  • Captain America
  • 59 total segments
  • 18 segments
  • "Attained 1,000% of Sales Quota, $1.6M in Q2 1942, through identifying new opportunities in target account list."
  • 41 segments
  • "Allied Forces believe that balanced attack plans and execution requires a multi-dimensional perspective."


Leveraging unstructured natural language for talent decision making is one of the hardest business challenges to overcome. Inconsistency, biases, and time required limit the effectiveness of manual review. Vettd enables automatic interpretation of this valuable data.

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Creating a taxonomy structure to help your organization understand and manage natural language data can be a daunting task. When done well, you’ll see improved profile discovery, agility, and decision making. With Vettd, we assist you in creating the proper taxonomy structures and processing workflows to ensure success and accuracy.

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Natural Language
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  • Classifier:
  • TaxonomyVersion:
  • Tiers:
  • Classes:
  • Enterprise Sales
  • v1.01
  • 3
  • 30
# The goal of this classifier is to objectively determine what type of relevant enterprise sales experience they have in context to business requirements.
  • Name:
  • RoleSegments:
  • RoleType:
  • / Tier 1:
  • // Tier 2:
  • /// Tier 3:
  • Captain America
  • 18 Segments
  • -
  • { Sales, .91 } { Customer Success, .73 } {  BDR, .45 }
  • { Business, .96 } { Consumer, .18} { Management, .06}
  • { Enterprise, .99 } { Mid-Market, .45 } { Small Business, .23 }
  • ProductionWorkflow:
  • Integration:
  • TaxonomyVersion:
  • ResumeVolume:
  • TotalClasses:
  • Performance:
  • Enterprise Sales
  • Workday
  • v1.01
  • ~1,500/week
  • 30
  • ~.04 seconds/profile
# The goal of this labeler is to update the metadata within the HR system of record and to capture event data for auditing, optimization and expansion.
  • Threshold:
  • RoleType:
  • ProductExperience:
  • ProcessExperience:
  • > .70
  • { add role, >.90 }
  • { add product, >.82 }
  • { add process, >.74 }


Deep learning NLP models utilize a range in how confident they are when classifying talent profiles based on your defined taxonomy structure. At different tiers, you'll see different scores. To control, audit, and trust labels that are being assigned, Vettd provides a management layer customized to your specific workflows and integrations.

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In using AI for talent profile analysis, Vettd sets you up for success. When we say "full stack", we mean all the technology, knowledge, and support services, to train, deploy, and optimize AI models for superior decision making and insights.

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Access to state-of-the-art technology and a process you won't experience anywhere else.

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