Take the Guesswork out of Talent Management

Classify talent at a scale not humanly possible. Reveal the people your organization needs to keep your competitive edge. Only with the Vettd AI platform.

The problem: Too much data

The high volume of applicants have created a “big data” problem for organizations looking for the best people. To make your business more competitive, you need star talent. And today’s talent management processes miss the best candidates because there is too much data.

Nobody should feel the frustration of ineffective HR processes. That’s why we created the Vettd AI platform. We believe talent management processes should help companies achieve their strategic goals, not impede them.

Talent Classification with AI: The new approach

Vettd’s talent classification approach provides a deep understanding of the potential of applicants and employees. Only Vettd can take the guesswork out of new hires and internal moves by processing people data at a scale not humanly possible.

Based on 5+ years of research

Vettd’s AI scientists, after years of intensive research, discovered a new approach to AI. Talent classification, unique to Vettd AI, quickly distinguishes star talent qualities that are impossible for humans to recognize.

Succession planning
Workforce planning
and more...

Beyond hiring: Data-driven HR strategic planning

Vettd’s talent classification approach helps HR team members quickly recruit the ideal talent before your competitors. But there’s much more to the story than hiring.

With talent classification, hiring managers and recruiters can agree which attributes are needed to fill open positions. Your talent management decisions will be aligned with organizational strategy. So you can recruit and retain star talent and ultimately be more competitive.

Succession planning
Workforce planning
and more...

Get started fast with Vettd Studio

Create your first AI models with our no-code interface designed for business users like you. Run your own talent classification process on your applicant or employee data and discover star talent in weeks, not months. No big contracts. No high-risk consulting projects.

Once you see the tremendous value of AI in talent management, you’ll find it easy to show others in your organization why Vettd AI’s talent classification approach is the right path to making data-driven people decisions.

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Start discovering and hiring the best people with Vettd AI. Our talent classification approach will help you align hiring with strategic goals and make your organization more competitive.

Jack Russell
Strategic Recruitment Analyst
Advanced Group
"Vettd’s Talent Classification Guide helped us develop a clear business case for our leadership to consume and provided valuable insight that was key in developing our project plan."
Chris Pearce
Vice President of Sales
Tableau Software
“Vettd’s new approach to talent management using AI is a game-changer. I highly recommend this ebook to anyone in charge of managing a large organization.”
Lexington Griffith
Senior Business Analyst
Point B
“Vettd allows us to extend our intuitions around talent management to a massive scale. We get a deeper level of testable insights that we’re able to build on top of.”