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Vettd is an AutoML platform that enables Analysts to uncover key insights hidden in text. Go from concept to deployment in less than 24 hrs.

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getting started

Create custom AI models without code



Experiment with AI as you design a solution that radically improves operational efficiency.



Produce AI models that drive intelligent decisions at scale.



Leverage AI models to tackle difficult data projects or fully automate tasks.

True intelligence. Real results.

Interpret data reliably

Review and label every record in your database automatically with AI.

Generate actionable metadata

Go from data chaos to neatly organized records you can explore by label and navigate through quicker.

Improve decision making

Backed by robust data, more informed decisions can be made quicker and with more confidence than ever.

use case

Talent segmenting and labeling

Go beyond Boolean and Semantic search for a new level of reliability that can make human-like decisions to identify and label skills, roles, experience level, or any additional attribute you value.  

Test your own resume file
Which skills does Julie have?
Enterprise Sales
Sales Management
SaaS Sales
Consumer Sales
SMB Sales
JSON Response
{ "skills": {    
      "Skill": "Enterprise Sales",
     "Score": 0.928365482  
      "Skill": "Sales Management",
     "Score": 0.845383773  
      "Skill": "SaaS Sales",
     "Score": 0.816390768  
      "Skill": "Consumer Sales",
     "Score": 0.491903834  
      "Skill": "SMB Sales",
     "Score": 0.380825829  
   } }

In-house expertise not required

Don't worry if you've never worked with AI. Vettd's platform is designed to work well for both AI newcomers and experienced analysts.

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Model Training

Access to state-of-the-art technology and a process you won't experience anywhere else.

Model Deployment

Integrate AI models into any number of applications and workflows.

Model Optimization

Use real-world data to ethically improve performance and expand capabilities.


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