Get 10,000 candidate records analyzed and enriched for free. See the impact of updated and accurate data for your business.

Slash Job Board Expenses

CandidateIQ saves money by building and continuously updating a high-quality, proprietary Bullhorn candidate database that reduces dependence on job boards your competitors rely on.

Data problems identified
Contact information updated
New candidates added
Total data improved
"CandidateIQ is the most innovative data tool I've seen that helps staffing firms take a big step forward to improve their data hygiene automatically and set them up for AI and automation success"

Erin MacKenzie

Vice President of Client Services

"CandidateIQ is the fastest and easiest way to improve your marketing campaign and automation performance using better and more reliable candidate data."

Travis Webb

Vice President of Sales

"CandidateIQ was the easiest tool for me to instantly update and improve my candidate database. There was little I had to do and the data it provided was better than any other data tool I've tried."

Lane Gerritsen

Founder & CEO, Alchemy Professional Services


Stay in Bullhorn.
Save Money.
Beat the Competition!

CandidateIQ’s intelligent database management creates a reliable, accurate candidate database so your teams always have everything they need to continuously outperform the competition without leaving Bullhorn.

Consolidate Multiple Data Services

No More Hassles Managing Multiple Data Providers

CandidateIQ consolidates multiple vendor offerings into a single, automated data management service that eliminates the cost, hassle and manpower of managing disconnected systems and data.

Get the most out of Bullhorn & Third-Party INtegrations

Feed Your Tools with
High-Quality Profiles

CandidateIQ continually creates complete, up-to-date profiles that enhance Bullhorn search, automation, Copilot Starter, and third-party integrations. This service ensures your candidate database is reliable and robust, allowing Bullhorn and third-party applications to deliver maximum value. Create pre-screening questions, pitch jobs, automate outreach, and summarize candidate profiles faster, giving you a competitive advantage.

@mrcntoine - Co-founder @ Goodland
I love the library! really, it’s such an awesome tool. Having the ability to wireframe in Webflow quickly is so useful - when a layout depends on interactions you can get the client excited about your approach earlier.
Mark Noble - Designer @ MN Studio
These Webflow components are the perfect base for any design system.
Thibault Bain - Designer @ Bain Digital
“Highly recommend this! It was a well organized component library with pretty much everything you need to build any Webflow website.”
Karl M. - Designer @ Fujee Design

Easily manage ongoing updates to valued candidates

Use CandidateIQ's advanced tools to create custom filters that help you organize and label candidates you value. Keep track of top talent for both immediate and future needs, all seamlessly integrated within Bullhorn.

Automatically keep your tearsheets fresh and accurate

CandidateIQ keeps your candidate information updated so you spend less time on data upkeep and more on engaging quality talent.

Improve your candidate profiles

Our AI technology enriches candidate profiles, giving you more detailed information for better matching, screening, and engagement.

Take control of your data

CandidateIQ's user-friendly interface lets you easily manage your entire candidate database using simple and advanced filter options.

Prioritize candidates with AI

Rank and prioritize which candidates should be updated based on their alignment with job descriptions, projects, and company missions.

Frequently asked questions

Have other questions? Get in touch with our team via

What is Vettd?

Vettd is an AI-powered candidate intelligence platform that provides staffing agencies with advanced candidate search and matching capabilities, as well as data enrichment and taxonomy optimization services. Its innovative approach to candidate intelligence allows staffing agencies to streamline their operations, improve candidate experience, and make data-driven decisions that lead to better placements. By leveraging AI and machine learning technologies, Vettd is able to deliver more accurate and relevant candidate recommendations, helping staffing agencies stay ahead of the competition and drive growth.

What is Candidate Intelligence?

Candidate Intelligence is a data-first approach to candidate management that utilizes AI-powered technology to provide staffing agencies with valuable insights about their candidate pool. It involves the use of data enrichment, taxonomies, and semantic search to help agencies find and prioritize the best candidates for their clients' needs.

Candidate Intelligence solutions automate many of the time-consuming tasks associated with candidate management, such as resume screening and matching, allowing recruiters to focus on higher-level tasks and providing a more efficient and effective hiring process.

How is Vettd different?

Vettd's approach to candidate intelligence differs from other companies in a few key ways. First, Vettd's technology is specifically designed for the staffing industry, which means it is tailored to the unique challenges and needs of staffing agencies. This allows Vettd to provide more targeted and effective solutions compared to more generalized AI and data analytics providers.

Second, Vettd's candidate intelligence is powered by a proprietary combination of AI and machine learning algorithms that are designed to accurately identify the most qualified candidates for a given job. This allows staffing agencies to make more informed hiring decisions and reduce the risk of making bad hires.

Finally, Vettd's approach emphasizes the importance of high-quality data and effective data management. By optimizing candidate taxonomies and utilizing both internal and external data sources, Vettd is able to provide staffing agencies with a more comprehensive and accurate view of candidate qualifications and job fit.Overall, Vettd's focus on the unique needs of staffing agencies, combined with its proprietary technology and emphasis on data quality, sets it apart from other providers of candidate intelligence solutions.

Why should I care about Candidate Intelligence for my Staffing Agency?

You should care about Candidate Intelligence for your staffing agency because it offers numerous benefits that can help your agency succeed. It can help you quickly and accurately match the right candidates with the right job orders, which can improve your placement rates and reduce the time-to-fill for job orders.

It can improve the candidate experience by providing more personalized and relevant job recommendations. This can help you attract and retain top talent, which is crucial in a competitive staffing market.

It can help you gain deeper insights into your candidate database and identify trends and patterns that can inform your recruiting strategies. This can include identifying the most successful sources for candidate placements or pinpointing areas of your recruiting process that may need improvement.

It can help you automate and streamline many of your manual recruiting tasks, freeing up your recruiters to focus on high-value activities like building relationships with clients and candidates.

Overall, Candidate Intelligence can help you improve your staffing agency's performance and competitive edge, making it a valuable investment for any agency looking to succeed in today's dynamic staffing industry.

Why should we work with Vettd?

A staffing agency should work with Vettd because we provide a unique approach to candidate intelligence that is not available from other companies in the industry. Our platform is designed to help staffing agencies improve their workflows, automate their processes, and ultimately find the best candidates for their clients.

We provide value to staffing agencies in several ways. Our candidate intelligence technology is unmatched in the industry, allowing staffing agencies to quickly and accurately match candidates to job orders. Second, our platform is integrated with popular CRMs, like Bullhorn, making it easy for staffing agencies to incorporate our technology into their existing workflows.

We also offer a range of services beyond our core candidate intelligence technology, including data enrichment and taxonomy optimization, to help staffing agencies improve their data management processes. Our team is comprised of experienced staffing professionals who understand the unique challenges faced by the industry and can provide valuable insights and support to our clients.

Working with Vettd helps staffing agencies improve their efficiency, find better candidates, and ultimately grow their businesses.

What is Vettd's mission?

Vettd's mission is to provide staffing agencies with the tools and technology to optimize their candidate sourcing and matching processes, while also promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the selection process. Vettd's approach is centered around candidate intelligence, which involves utilizing AI and machine learning to gather and analyze data about job candidates and their qualifications, skills, and experience. By offering comprehensive candidate profiles, data schema design, and data utilization, Vettd aims to help staffing agencies make more informed and effective hiring decisions, while also increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

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