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Instantly Boost Team Performance with Updated & Accurate Data

Amplify Bullhorn's strategic value and effectiveness with CandidateIQ's continuous database enrichment services. Unlock a competitive edge in recruiting, marketing, and sales with accurate, up-to-date profiles for results you can rely on.

Automatic Profile Enrichment

Automatic enhancements ensure your candidate profiles are always current and complete.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Pre-negotiated data rates provide straightforward pricing and minimize your expenses.

Consolidated Tech Stack

All-in-one solution, streamlining your parsing, sourcing, and candidate data management.

"We struggled for three years with a big data issue involving candidates with imported resumes that hindered our search capabilities in Bullhorn. CandidateIQ identified and resolved the problem in just one afternoon, showcasing their exceptional expertise and efficiency. Their swift solution marked a turning point in our data management capabilities, saving us valuable time. Kudos to the CandidateIQ team for their impressive problem-solving skills!"

Rebeca Martinez


"When we moved to Bullhorn, we were missing key contact information or resumes for a majority of our candidates. CandidateIQ was able to provide updated resumes, skill profiles, work history, or contact information for over 80% of our database and improve Bullhorn's usability for our Talent Partners. Matching top talent to top careers is our mission at inTulsa and CandidateIQ has been vital to our success!"

Megan Thomas

Managing Director and Founder

"Candidate IQ was like having a team of data engineers helping us diagnose and fix a large volume of candidate records that all had wrong addresses and missing contact information. They provided insights on other pieces of data throughout the process as well that may help us provide additional improvements on our database in the future."

Morgan LaPointe

Business Systems Analyst

Enhanced Data Integrity

Experience a transformative database cleanup with our advanced analytics engine that corrects inaccuracies from addresses to contact information and work histories, providing a robust foundation for all recruitment activities.

Operational Efficiency

Say goodbye to the days spent wrestling with data issues. Embrace a streamlined solution that swiftly brings your database up to date, freeing your team to focus on what they do best.

Comprehensive Candidate Profiles

Unlock the full potential of Bullhorn with enriched profiles that include updated resumes, skill sets, and work histories, ensuring your database is actionable and ready for engagement.

Seamless Bullhorn Integration

Effortlessly consolidate all necessary candidate fields and create searchable resumes that enhance internal sourcing and automation, turning Bullhorn into your primary, high-performance recruiting tool.

Database Expansion and Market Reach

Instantly broaden your candidate pool with targeted professionals, significantly reducing your dependence on external sourcing tools and empowering your team to connect with the market more effectively.

Rapid Deployment and Value Realization

Experience the swift implementation of CandidateIQ, from first contact to full deployment in as little as 2-3 weeks, ensuring quick value realization for your staffing firm.

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Data Accelerator Program

Take Bullhorn to the next level with complimentary 1-on-1 data processing and advisory services.

10,000 records analyzed for free

Select existing records to be analyzed with CanididateIQ or request to import new external leads.

Real data-driven business cases

Tell us what you need, and our Data Experts will recommend the best way to achieve your goals.

Deliver results quickly

Implement your data solution to get a quick win for you and your team.

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Reparse bad profiles

Add new resumes to profiles

Add missing contact information

Verify phone numbers and emails

Analyze and scrub lead lists

Expand candidate database

Correct bad addresses

Fix incorrectly applied skills

Update titles and companies