Sales & Marketing

Improve revenue close rates through better research and discovery of customer relevancy, propensity and resonance.

AI-Guided Customer Research & Lead Discovery

Create Persona Ecosystem

Vettd pulls together the information you need from multiple sources, to create living personas used for buyer research, tracking and product alignment.

Deploy AI, NLP, & Search

Vettd deploys a suite of AI tools and services to manage and assess multiple layers of information about people, their organizations, & outcomes.

Deliver Sales Impact

Vettd understands the buyer and lead information you care about and delivers that intelligence directly to you.

Reduce Prospect Research Time

More than 40% of salespeople say prospecting is the most challenging part of the sales process

Don't Miss Out on Targeting Similar Buyers

67% of sales that are lost are the result of improperly qualifying potential customers before taking them through the full sales process

Streamline Organizational Discovery Efforts

There are an average of 7 decision-makers involved in the B2B buying process and 50-90% of the journey is already complete before a buyer interacts with a sales rep.

"Vettd has the right mission and technology to solve the problems that have continued to elude the most sophisticated sales teams and service providers."

Ernesto Chavarin

Sales Leader - Digital Native Businesses at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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