Vettd named a featured Vendor by Talent Tech Labs

11 Jan 2022

For the second year in a row, Vettd was hand-picked as a featured vendor in Talent Tech Labs' industry acclaimed "Talent Acquisition Technology Ecosystem." The 9th edition of the TA Technology Ecosystem highlights the most innovative and influential companies in the industry today.

The Talent Acquisition (TA) Technology Ecosystem 9.0 is a structured, graphic visualization of the recruitment technology marketplace, broken down by hiring stages, purpose, and role. It is a comprehensive overview of the talent acquisition technology ecosystem that helps businesses sort through and understand the ever-growing talent acquisition technology landscape.

Talent Tech Labs (TTL) is an independent research and advisory firm specializing in the analysis of talent technologies that solve the business and recruiting challenges of talent acquisition and human resources. TTL is the only research and advisory firm focused exclusively on talent acquisition technologies.

TTL culls through the vendor noise and focuses only on the right and best technologies that meet buyer’s unique requirements and that solve their respective problems.

About Talent Tech Labs

At Talent Tech Labs, we are experts that shape the conversation on how technologies innovate the Talent Acquisition space. We are the only research and advisory firm entirely focused on Talent Acquisition (TA) technologies. We are 100% independent, which means our information is free of bias. From an agnostic point-of-view, we demystify the complicated, emerging TA technology landscape, so buyers can make the best decision. Learn more about us here.

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