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The Journey to Our Cool Vendor Award and What We Learned About AI Adoption

Andrew Buhrmann
October 3, 2023
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In 2018, received the Cool Vendor Award from Gartner, a milestone that marked a high point in our journey. We got this award for making a special kind of AI that can read and summarize resumes really well. But the road to success wasn't without its bumps, and we learned some important lessons along the way.

The Award-Winning Tech:

With just an hour or two of setup, our AI can pick out the key parts of a resume with high accuracy. What sets our technology apart is that each user gets their own personalized AI. Even better, this AI can be used by others in the company, letting them benefit from an expert's insights without the expert having to review each resume.

Real-World Use:

We rolled this out to different kinds of companies, from big staffing agencies to places looking for board members. The idea was simple but powerful: set up the AI once, and many people can benefit from it.

The Hurdle:

Here's where we hit a snag. Even though our AI offers clear advantages, many people didn't want to spend the initial few hours to train their models. Platforms like ChatGPT have gained traction because they're ready to use right away, but they don't offer the personalization that comes with owning your own AI.


Great tech can do a lot, but it needs people to make it work. If users aren't willing to invest a little time upfront, even the most advanced systems won't reach their full potential.

As you think about bringing AI into your business, consider these questions:

  • How important is it for you to own your AI model?
  • Is the concept of ownership going to matter in the long run?
  • Are we moving toward a future where most AI is rented from a few big companies?

These are questions we're still exploring, but one thing is clear: technology is most effective when people are committed to using it.