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Staffing Engine and Vettd Partner to Accelerate AI Adoption in the Staffing Industry

January 22, 2024
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In a new AI partnership for the staffing industry, Staffing Engine, the leader in Recruiting Acceleration AI, has partnered with Vettd, an innovator in AI-driven talent data management. This collaboration is a step forward for the adoption of AI in the staffing and recruitment industry.

Staffing Engine is transforming the staffing landscape by leveraging AI to accelerate the recruitment process, increase recruiter and sales rep productivity, and improve the candidate and client experience.

Vettd, with its solution, CandidateIQ™ and expertise in AI-powered talent data, uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze and identify the best talent in a sea of applicants and enrich candidate profiles in your ATS to unlock deeper insights.

The partnership is aimed at enhancing the use of AI in the recruitment process by:

Accelerate Candidate Matching: Vettd is designed to navigate the complexity of staffing data by seamlessly integrating with your existing Bullhorn environment. With CandidateIQ™, you can leverage cutting-edge AI to enrich and prioritize candidate profiles.

Increased Speed and Efficiency: With the combined power of Staffing Engine and Vettd, Staffing firms can reduce time-to-place by applying AI to move from candidate sourcing to communication to placement faster.

Faster Data-Driven Decisions: By utilizing AI to analyze candidate data with Vettd and then taking immediate action with Staffing Engine, recruiters and sales reps can make more informed decisions, reducing biases, and improving the overall recruiting experience.

Improved Candidate and Client Experience: With faster processes and more accurate matches, both candidates and clients will benefit from a smoother recruitment experience leading to stronger relationships.

By harnessing the power of AI for the entire recruiting process, staffing firms can accelerate the recruiting experience and place more candidates. The collaboration between Staffing Engine and Vettd is a step forward for the use of AI in the staffing and recruitment industry.

About Vettd

Vettd is an award-winning technology company founded in 2014 by a group of staffing entrepreneurs and AI experts who identified a gap in the market for AI-driven candidate solutions. With the launch of CandidateIQ™, Vettd is providing staffing firms with the tools required to effortlessly improve their candidate data, take advantage of AI, and drive better outcomes for their candidates and clients.

About Staffing Engine

Staffing Engine is the world’s first Recruiting Acceleration AI Platform that enables staffing firms to increase productivity, operate 24/7, and accelerate growth. With the Engine AI suite of products, staffing firms can leverage the next generation of AI to make their recruiters and sales reps more productive, increase lead conversion, and create an on-demand experience for their candidates and clients.