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Filling in the Blanks: How to Change Your Data from 'Meh' to 'Wow!

Andrew Buhrmann
June 16, 2023
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The saying "knowledge is power" rings incredibly true in the staffing industry. But what happens when the knowledge at your disposal—your data—is incomplete or inaccurate? A hot topic of conversation is using automation (RPA style workflows) to identify profile gaps and automatically reach out to candidates to update crucial contact information such as phone numbers and emails. That's an essential step in the right direction. However, you can take it a step further with today's technology.

While the recommended automation technique helps identify and rectify missing or inaccurate data, it still depends on your candidates manually updating their information. But what happens when people are too busy or non-responsive? That's where Candidate IQ steps in.

#1 Ensuring a Complete Picture: Ongoing Data Enrichment

Candidate IQ doesn't just spot the gaps; it enriches your candidate profiles by integrating data from world-class sources. This proactive approach provides a comprehensive and accurate view of each candidate's experiences, skills, and qualifications, reducing reliance on survey responses or manual updates.

#2 Preserving Data Integrity: Data Standardization and Upkeep

Inaccurate data isn't always the result of missing elements; often, it's due to lack of standardization or outdated information. Candidate IQ maintains the consistency and accuracy across your database by fixing, standardizing, and cleansing your data. This reduces the likelihood of incorrect emails or phone numbers entering your system in the first place.

#3 Harnessing Intelligent Insights

Candidate IQ does more than update contact information. It seeks to understand the relevant experiences and relationships within your candidate data, facilitating precise and effective data strategies and optimizing your automated workflows. This ensures your data isn't just accurate, but strategically utilized.

#4 Seamless Integration

Candidate IQ seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack, including Bullhorn. This ensures the enrichment and maintenance of your data happens in real-time, making your database more dynamic and responsive.

#5 Proactive Talent Pool Management

With accurate, enriched, and standardized data, Candidate IQ creates dynamic tearsheets to automate the assembly of tailored talent pools for strategic sourcing, marketing, and sales campaigns. This extends the benefit of high-quality data, transforming it from passive information into active recruitment assets.

With Candidate IQ, your data quality doesn't just get a "boost"; it's like strapping a rocket to it and sending it into orbit. It enables you to fully unlock the potential of your database, turning it from a basic storage unit of information into a dynamic, smart resource that fuels your staffing AI and automation efforts.

Welcome to the era of data enrichment!