Shaping the Future of Staffing with Candidate Intelligence

At Vettd, we're reshaping staffing by transforming untapped candidate data into a strategic asset for recruitment, marketing, and client strategies.

Leveraging Candidate Intelligence for Optimal Staffing

The search for the right talent can be challenging and resource-intensive. Our approach, guided by AI and enriched candidate data, empowers staffing agencies to swiftly and accurately identify the best fit for clients, revolutionizing the candidate selection process.

Amplifying the Power of Quality Data

The quality and consistency of candidate data directly influence your staffing decisions. Our vision entails transforming untapped candidate data into an accurate, comprehensive, and dynamic resource, ensuring every staffing decision you make is strategically guided and grounded in reality.

Accelerating Staffing Success with Strategic Insights

A lengthy recruitment process can stretch your clients' patience and affect your reputation. By ushering in a new era marked by the strategic use of data, we're set to accelerate the staffing process, enabling you to swiftly identify the best talent and enhance your agency's performance.

Working with Candidate Intelligence

Unifying Data

Harness the full potential of your structured and unstructured data, both internal and external, ensuring no piece of information is left out.

Adaptive Intelligence

Our dynamic candidate schemas are purpose-built to adapt to your specific use cases and evolving client needs.

Deep Insights

Delve into the depth of your staffing operations with comprehensive insights that are not just informative but actionable, enabling strategic foresight.

User Empowerment

Our intuitive interface demystifies complex candidate data, providing quick and straightforward access to vital information.

Industry support for Candidate Intelligence

"Companies are increasingly seeking better insights by tapping into third-party data. Outside data can bring lots of opportunity, but using it effectively can be challenging.”
"Data ecosystems made simple, a platform that combines data from numerous providers and builds value through the usage of processed data"
"Having a firm understanding of the components that make up your organization’s data ecosystem is critical”

Embrace the future of Staffing with Candidate Intelligence.


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