Informed decisions at scale

Reliable business intelligence used in real-time can transform even the most difficult tasks.

Talent Classification

Define what talent means and automate it.

Profile Marketing

Validate marketing campaign effectiveness.

Application Processing

Understand the value of all applicants.

Organizational Mapping

Execute initiatives with full context.

Talent Classification

Beyond Boolean and Semantic Search

Control what matters and why. Ensure decisions are made about people in the right ways.

Proactive support

Turn expert knowledge about talent into usable algorithms that can proactively evaluate profiles.

Build on every search

Leverage the results of talent searches to improve future decisions.

Translate titles and skills

Capitalize on the value people bring to the table even if they’re expressing it in different ways.

Profile Marketing

Produce the Right People

Audit the effectiveness and value that partner channels bring to produce targeted inbound talent.


Hold vendors at their word by auditing the quality of talent they’re producing.

Reallocate resources

Divert marketing spend from ineffective vendors before you run out of budget.

Validate initiatives

Measure the effectiveness of in person recruiting events and referral practices.

Application Processing

Valuable Information at Every Stage

Capture meaningful information that gets overlooked in most application processes.

Surface valued experience

Understand the value every applicant brings to the table.

Encourage individual expression

Promote people to tell their story in a meaningful way.

Communicate missed opportunity

Capitalize on responses to recommend alternative positions.

Organizational mapping

Execute Strategic Initiatives with Confidence

Use trusted analytics to guide decisions that impact hiring plans, training programs, compensation and more.  

Organizational context

Leverage analytics to uncover hidden insights that could change recommendations.

Measure progress

Show real-world impact on the initiatives and new processes that have been implemented.

Plan for the future

Identify current opportunities that align with future goals.


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