Vettd Announces Launch of Vettd Studio

11 Jan 2022

Vettd Studio is the first of its kind no-code platform for creating and deploying talent classification models

Bellevue, Washington – September 26, 2019: Vettd Inc., a leader in adaptive AI solutions for workforce data classification, today announced the launch of its Vettd Studio, a no-code platform that allows HR practitioners to create their own talent classification models to unlock the value of their organization’s talent data.

Vettd Studio allows HR personnel that deal with massive data sets in their decision support systems to build custom deep learning AI models from their own data and deploy them into workflows to organize talent data at scale. AI models working in real-time generate a comprehensive talent database that improves decision-making across the organization. These models are capable of making intelligent decisions to identify and label skills, relevant roles, experience level, or any other important attribute.

Vettd Studio provides continuous data enrichment that enables HR practitioners to shift their focus from tedious tasks to strategically impactful activities. With talent classification implemented into their HR tech stack, organizations can:

• Diminish time spent on manual review
• Reduce time spent navigating talent records
• Create unique automated workflows and experiences• Scale and systematically improve decision-making
• Generate unique analytics & insight.

“We are really excited to bring this new technology to the HR industry," said Andrew Buhrmann, CEO of Vettd. “We’ve spent years working with some of the top talent acquisition teams around the world developingAI tools to help them better understand their people data. With the launch of Vettd Studio, Vettd is putting tools into the hands of HR personnel, empowering them to rapidly build and deploy their own AI models to create and maintain databases for talent acquisition, strategic workforce planning, employee engagement, and more.”

With Vettd Studio, companies now have the ability to create and manage unique AI models that label talent and optimize their decision-making capabilities. To learn more about Vettd Studio, visit

About Vettd

Founded in 2014 and based in Bellevue, Washington, Vettd is a world leader in commercially-deployed high performance deep neural networks. Vettd produces state-of-the-art deep learning AI models for talent profile classification that help Human Resource practitioners and major enterprises improve decision-making around talent acquisition, strategic workforce planning, employee engagement, and more. Vettd was founded to use AI to help uncover the value that every individual brings to an organization. For more information on how Vettd is powering a deeper understanding of talent, visit.

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