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Vettd and Icalia Labs Formalize Partnership

December 8, 2022
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Partnership allows companies to offer custom Data Innovation solutions to their customers

Vettd and Icalia Labs have entered into a strategic partnership that will help bring cutting-edge, custom Data Innovation solutions to life.

Data Innovation accelerates productivity and efficiency by using AI-driven research to connect thousands of data sets from numerous sources in seconds. Companies previously hindered by manual research and discovery activities can now seamlessly combine complex information from various sources to enrich their data and create customized search applications, eliminating hours of research time and effort and saving significant budget.

Data Innovation is a culmination of data-first thinking, combining a data-driven enterprise culture, data ecosystems, and data-first applications. Embracing Data Innovation can benefit companies across multiple industries and departments, for example:

● Health and Life Sciences companies can create holistic databases for research, assessment, and treatment alignment.

● Human Resource Departments and Talent Augmentation firms can discover and prioritize candidates, saving time, money, and effort during recruitment.

● Startup and Early-Stage companies can see a prototype of their product to understand product-market fit and reduce risk and uncertainty. With the Icalia Labs and

Vettd partnership, more companies will achieve Data Innovation gains faster without exhausting internal resources.

“Icalia Labs provides the custom software development, integration, and implementation expertise needed to execute Data Innovation solutions for our clients,” Andrew Buhrmann, Co-Founder & CEO of Vettd, said. “We’re excited to help more companies access the tools, knowledge, and resources needed to realize their impact and vision.”

George Bonelli, CRO of Icalia Labs, said, “Partnering with Vettd has broadened our ability to help our clients use AI-driven research and Data Innovation to reach their goals. We are thrilled to continue to work with Vettd to create solutions that will benefit both of our clients.” Vettd and Icalia Labs have been working together since 2020, building innovative, custom data-first solutions across several industry verticals.

About Icalia Labs

Icalia Labs is a world-class nearshore software product firm enabling businesses to translate their digital strategies into tangible value. With a customer-centric design and an engineering culture, the firm guides its clients through an a to acquire new digital capabilities and fortify their innovation-to-market mindset. Icalia Labs delivers value through a frictionless software environment, assembling the right people, products, and processes into the mix. Visit Icalia for more information.

About Vettd

Vettd is committed to helping organizations maximize their impact through data innovation. With its Data Innovation Platform, Vettd gives companies instant access to information from numerous sources, saving time and effort for enterprises across multiple industries. Founded in 2014, Vettd develops advanced AI, NLP, and Search technologies, growing their proprietary tools and methods while helping and collaborating with their customers. Visit Vettd for more information.