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The Power of the Three Pillars

February 6, 2023
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The main technology enabler for Data Innovation that’s needed to deliver Advantage 2.0 is the effective harnessing of AI.


AI is a collective term that is understood to embrace other terms such as:


•  Machine learning (e.g., supervised and unsupervised learning)

•  Natural Language Processing(NLP)

•  Predictive and prescriptive analytics


AI capabilities as a whole support Advantage 2.0 mainly because they allow the same data to be processed at scale through varying perspectives. This level of processing would otherwise require the addition of headcount that today’s lean organizations cannot afford. And even additional headcount could struggle to maintain the consistency that an AI approach can deliver, even when they are fortunate enough to have the resources in-house to pull it off.


Without AI, Data-Driven enterprises and Data-First applications could not exist, and Data Ecosystems could not be managed at scale.

Advantage 2.0 is the differentiator for businesses that achieve Data Innovation. The combination of a Data-Driven culture, use-case specific Data Ecosystems, Data-First Applications and AI means that Advantage2.0 through Data Innovation is a real possibility for businesses today.