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Harnessing Candidate IQ for Bullhorn Automation

Andrew Buhrmann
July 3, 2023
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AI and automation are more than just fleeting trends - they represent a sea change in how business is done. The staffing industry, in particular, stands to gain considerably from these advancements, a point echoed in discussions at Engage Boston this year.

The potential applications for automation are practically limitless, and the question inevitably arises - where should staffing firms start? As Bullhorn’s Keith Weightman astutely observes, “You’re not buying a tool; you’re trying to create a business outcome.” Automation is not an end in itself but a means to an end, a tool that can be wielded to bring about targeted outcomes based on the needs and objectives of your organization.

Consider the use of automation in the context of data hygiene. As Blake Harris from Dexian (formerly DISYS & Signature Consultants) rightly pointed out, “Keeping the data clean has been a really important priority for us.” Here is where Candidate IQ shines by seamlessly integrating with Bullhorn. It automatically adds and updates missing contact information, creating updated resumes for outdated profiles, and dynamically organizing talent pools.

The ability of automation to standardize the information candidates receive cannot be overstated. It helps to bridge any potential communication gaps between your team and candidates, making sure they receive all necessary information regarding their placements. With Candidate IQ in the mix, this process is further streamlined as it continually updates and enriches candidate information, making for a smoother, more efficient communication flow.

Proactive marketing of superstar candidates is another intriguing use case of recruitment automation. The ability to match semantics to identify perfect fits for placements and then market those candidates directly to clients is a game-changer. Candidate IQ further aids this process by dynamically creating managed tearsheets based on the enhanced and standardized data, allowing for more precise and effective candidate-client matching.

Data integrity is paramount in any process, and recruitment automation helps maintain this by keeping track of pending end dates and flagging eligible candidates for redeployment. Candidate IQ takes it a step further by maintaining the consistency and accuracy of your database, reducing the likelihood of incorrect or outdated information entering your system.

In a nutshell, automation is an invaluable tool in the staffing industry, aiding in tasks ranging from keeping data clean, standardizing candidate information, proactively marketing candidates, and redeploying candidates, to name a few. But to truly leverage the full potential of automation, integrating it with Candidate IQ will change your database from a simple repository of information to a vibrant, intelligent resource that fuels your staffing AI and automation efforts. As Amy Reed of CHG Healthcare noted, the secret is not to aim for perfection but to focus on learning and iterating. The pairing of automation with Candidate IQ is an excellent example of this sentiment in action.

Dive into the game-changing world of data enrichment and automation with Candidate IQ and create a competitive edge with your candidate database.