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Advantage 2.0: Data innovation via culture, ecosystems and applications

December 16, 2022
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Gain advantage from your data vs. talk about it by understanding the three pillars necessary to realize consistent innovation with data.

Data innovation has been wildly successful, and frequently highlighted as a key focus for competitive advantage. In many businesses, however, it is still more of a “buzz word” discussion than a meaningful driver of strategic and operating value.


A key reason data innovation, and practical AI, remains more buzz word than a value-generating reality is because three key drivers of data innovation are not yet business-as-usual. We call these the three pillars of data innovation:

1. Data-driven enterprise culture

2. Data ecosystems –use case specific data schemas

3. Data-first applications


The aim of our Advantage 2.0 white paper is to discuss how the three pillars and AI combine to help your business achieve data innovation. Read it to understand why your organization needs a culture that:

•  Prioritize and value data they owned and/or can acquire

•  Harvest and maintain relevant data eco-systems

•  Develop and integrate data-first applications with enterprise application systems (e.g., CRM, HRIS, ATS)

•  Utilize AI to scale-up data processing from varying perspectives