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Do You Really Have a Data-Driven Enterprise Culture?

January 12, 2023
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The first pillar for the Data Innovation needed to support Advantage 2.0 is the culture of the Data-Driven Enterprise.


A competency of the culture of a truly data-driven enterprise is that it recognizes that data has become a product in its own right. If data truly is a corporate asset with latent value, then it must be ‘productized’ to unleash that value.


Data as a product means:


•  Having ‘product managers’ to manage the data

•  Auditing and curating the data regularly and in a formal way

•  Learning from the ways data as a product gets used


A Data-Driven enterprise also recognizes that effective search tools allow you to find interesting information that traditional analytics tools are not designed to find for you. And that search effectiveness becomes ever more important as the scale and complexity of your data ecosystem grows.

So, another competency of a Data-Driven Enterprise is a commitment to intelligently using and continuously adapting search capabilities to take optimum advantage of your Data Ecosystem.

But effective search depends on there being a well-organized and managed Data Ecosystem to provide the search space to operate over in the first place. So it’s impossible to have one without the other.