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AI built and owned by you

We know researching AI solutions for HR can be overwhelming. After 5 years in this space, we've seen it all. Our approach is tailored to support you with early wins, high impact returns, and ownership over your AI.

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After years of research, Vettd’s scientists invented a new type of AI model architecture that expedites the learning process, improves performance, and lets our customers own their AI creations.

Less training data and more flexibility

A deeper comprehension of patterns in communication that are unique to different classes of professionals.

Deeper understanding of context and topic relevancy

Can learn literal and implied meaning from how people naturally describe their skills and abilities.

Expands your understanding of data

Picks up on layers of nuance not easily identifiable through manual analysis.

Train AI with your own data
Create AI exclusive to you
Own your AI forever

Through a specialized training process developed by Vettd and facilitated via Vettd Studio, organizations can safely use their own private data to easily create exclusive AI models that only they benefit from. In a traditional software system, the technology provider owns the algorithm that benefits the customer or user.

However, AI is not a traditional software system, especially when it comes to B2B offerings, thus requiring the service delivery to be treated differently. Let us explain this critical concept in more detail.

What does AI ownership mean?

How is it different from traditional software ownership?

Traditional software systems are made up of 3 parts. When users today work with software, they own what they put into it and what comes out of it. If you were a software company you would own the Algorithm, but customers would own the ins and outs.

As it relates to AI systems, there are subsystems and processes that are important to take into consideration. Because your own data becomes a key component for the AI model to run, your private data is intertwined with the AI model itself or the “Algorithm” in a traditional sense. If you don’t own the AI model, then you’re essentially transferring your intellectual property to the AI model owner. Which we believe should be you, not Vettd.

Owning an AI Model or “Algorithm” as applied to AI and Vettd’s ownership approach.

The best part about Vettd’s process to created high quality and exclusive AI models is that it is as easy as file sharing. All it takes is creating a labeled dataset for your AI models to learn from making it an inviting process that any business user can do.  

Once you experience the power of AI ownership, we believe you will be excited to unlock this new class of worker for your business that you can train and deploy to tackle numerous problems throughout the talent management life cycle.

These models are also designed for enterprise scale from inception and meant to integrate into real-time workflows, power new business applications or manage massive datasets that contain hidden valuable information.

If you haven’t started using Vettd Studio already, we’d be happy to jump on a call and show you how easy it is to take your first steps into machine learning for talent management.  


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