Now all data is fair game

There is a wealth of meaningful information sitting in your current systems and floating around in the cloud that has the ability to help you work faster and smarter if you can harness it. Vettd makes all data fair game by sifting through and connecting masses of structured and unstructured data from various sources, so your team doesn’t have to.

Don't miss out on using the best data possible

Vettd opens up more sources of information for you and we interpret, classify, and prioritize it just the way you need so you can act on it when you need to.

Move past strategic data project slowdowns

Vettd manages the process to unify various data types creating a new data ecosystem that can flexibly refresh, update, and enrich data you need.

Vettd makes sense of it all, so you can get to what matters

Once your data is pulled together and unified by Vettd in a modern data ecosystem, a suite of flexible AI tools and services, built on the backs of advanced search engines, are deployed to intelligently process, maintain, and dynamically surface information you care about.

Say goodbye to rigid, stale, and hidden information

Vettd creates customized schemas and generates new meta data from your data ecosystem to instantly surface the information you need.

Don’t get overwhelmed with shifting relevancy

Vettd understands the moving contextual needs at each layer of your data and intelligently guides you until you discover what you need.

Automation powered by your own intuition and data

Your intuition is the culmination of your data insights, business approach, and decision algorithms. Vettd provides you with the unique advantage of automation powered by your own intuition and data.

Eliminate time-consuming manual research tasks

Let Vettd handle time-consuming research tasks, so your team doesn’t have to spend their most precious resource manually reviewing data.

Stop investing in incremental changes

Unlock new capabilities that scale to save you time, effort, and cost. Allow your people to work in new ways that augment their intelligence and intuition.

Flexible & managed multi-system integrations

Vettd’s comprehensive implementation approach integrates with your existing infrastructure and flexes with you as needed to incorporate alternative data sources. Vettd supports all this with fully managed AI hosting, maintenance, and optimization, doing the heavy lifting for you.

Remove the burden of managing integrations

Allocating teams to manage and constantly improve strategic data integrations is a drain on resources. Vettd handles everything for you.

Stop feeling like it's too much to make a change

Vettd helps you prioritize integration and data needs. Seeing a few steps ahead can make all the difference to acheive successful outcomes.