Project Matching

Leverage natural language generated from previous employee engagements to align skills with active projects.

COntact Sales

Commonly used to:

Recommend employees with the most relevant skills for a specific project.

Recommend training modules to employees where project skill gaps may exist.

Monitor skill supply and demand across entire organization.

Update Records

Automatically analyze and update employee records

Holistic View

Understand the entire skill supply and demand in real-time

Build or Buy

Identify internal employees for upskilling or external talent to hire


Encode your intuition

By using natural language processing and deep learning, we help you go beyond titles and simple keywords to understand a person’s unique value in the context of specific business needs.


Build workflows

By having complete control over yourAI models and workflows, you can fully control what information is being processed and how you want to leverage the outputs to best support your team or product.  


Measure and improve

Once a system is live and in production, you can easily use additional training data to improve or expand your model's decision-making capabilities. This also helps to limit bias and correct false positives or false negatives from occurring.