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Vettd’s data scientists have invented new technologies for search, natural language processing (NLP), deep neural networks and decision management. We have developed a new class of patented artificial intelligence that uses NLP to precisely understand vocabulary, paragraphs and whole documents.

This enables Vettd to derive meaning from unstructured text such as resumes, grant applications, electronic medical records or research papers.

Using NLP, AI understands patterns in unstructured information that are difficult for humans to recognize. It picks up on layers of nuance not easily identifiable through manual analysis. It measures relevance and alignment the way your employees would, at a depth and scale not humanly possible.

“By commercializing research in deep learning for natural language processing, the technology can read vast amounts of disorganized data that bamboozles traditional AI algorithms”

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"Vettd allows models to be “owned” by its customers, which means they can be redeployed on a new vendor without being reconfigured."

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How it works

Vettd replicates your employees’ evaluative skills in artificial intelligence. We train AI using examples of your team’s actions or decisions based on textual information.

Then AI emulates how your team would interpret similar information. It uses NLP to analyze, classify and prioritize unstructured text in large volumes of information.

Once AI has processed the information, your team can move straight to decision making, or focus on the subset of records that actually need human analysis. This ability to skip time-consuming initial analysis is one way AI makes your employees more effective.

Optimize information processing

Perform repetitive reviews faster than ever, while assuring that every document gets attention.


In admissions, teams are required to manually review thousands of applicants to determine who should be interviewed.

Vettd's NLP can analyze every applicant to assure that no one is being overlooked.

Reduce cognitive workload

Give manual reviewers time, attention and energy back by minimizing tedious manual review.


In hiring, recruiters have to juggle manual resume review and outreach to engage applicants.

Vettd's NLP can reduce the time spent on manual review so recruiters can focus on more impactful activities.

Automate feedback

Stop wasting time wading through a sea of documents and get the most valuable information surfaced for you.


In any application process, applicants fill out forms and often don't get feedback on the content they are filling in.

Vettd's NLP can provide real-time feedback and direction on how likely the application is to get accepted.

Knowledge verification

Use a combination of manual and automated review to make sure you're getting the best results.


When reviewing text as a team, individuals can disagree on the final decisions to be made based on a given document.

Vettd's NLP can provide an automated evaluation helping to bring clarity to the most difficult decisions.

AI development platform

We make sure you have visibility into the entire development process. From the data used in AI training to the inner workings of the model itself, the Vettd approach ensures you'll never be kept in the dark.

Vettd Studio

Enables us to create AI models in little time. With this no-code application we can design, evaluate and demonstrate an AI model’s intelligence.

Vettd API

Allows AI created with Vettd to be integrated with virtually any other software application or data source to build and run sophisticated AI models at enterprise scale.

Vettd Middleware

Maintains integration services, data feeds, workflow logic, data presentment and databases.

Vettd Data Wrangling

Curates disparate data and documents from system of record for AI model building and search indexing. Informs middleware workflow logic.

Vettd Data Preparation

Suite of containerized microservices to structure data, prepare data for AI analysis and search indexing, and fill data processing gaps as necessary from a system of record.

Vettd Data Enrichment

Suite of containerized microservices that creates new metadata based on AI model outputs, recognized entities and database relationships.

Vettd Hub

Manage data workflows and processing in real-time.

Vettd Chrome Extension

Browser extension that helps recruiters initiate AI models for processing and qualification assessment.

Vettd Conceptual Search

Specialized search engines designed to understand meaningful concepts expressed in unstructured text.

Relevant Results

The custom AI we develop for you will learn from the data you have, not a generic database. Using your data ensures we’re creating unique, value-added AI services that can make a difference.


You own the AI

Likewise, your data is never merged into public databases that can be used by other organizations. Your investment in AI will benefit only your organization, not your competitors. You have complete control over your AI and data.

Case Study

How we helped minimize application review time and boost engagement

By using AI to replicate the decisions of a 3-person review team, Vettd gave them the ability to process applications as if they had a team of 30 evaluators. This freed them up to engage the most promising applicants faster.

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