Decision Management & Automation Platform

The infrastructure to improve your decisions

Research, create and integrate AI-guided workflows to manage people decisions at scale

Vettd Studio

Design, create and use AI to tackle difficult data projects.

Vettd Hub

Real-time AI model orchestration and workflow automation.

Vettd API

Build custom interactions to leverage AI models in any app.

Embrace a data-driven culture

Inspire teams to create the intelligence businesses can rely on for years to come.

Designed to address your needs

Neurals are designed based on the environment they will be running in and the nature of the decisions they need to make.

Trained with your data

By using your data and business logic, Neurals can be audited, optimized and expanded as you see fit.

Benefits only you

No one else will have access to your Neurals or training data which means you can invest in their development without hesitation.

The Vettd AI Cloud Technology Stack

We’ve invented the most cutting-edge platform in the world for businesses to create their own deep learning AI models to improve operational efficiencies. We’re revolutionizing the AI creation and usage experience by making it as easy as file sharing.

Vettd EmergentDB

Graph database and event hub which serves as a central knowledge repository for Vettd Hub.

Neural Orchestration

Tools for architecting and training decision trees of collaborative deep neural networks for complex classification tasks.

Vettd Laminar

Services to manage workflow automation and support scalable AI model usage.


The leading cloud computing provider trusted by 95% of the Fortune 500


Enterprise-grade container orchestration


Keras is a high-level neural networks API written in Python


High performance numerical computation software from Google


Record setting GPU’s from the leading provider


The world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform

Vettd Studio

Everything you need to get started with AI

Design, create, and use custom AI models with the only no-code interface built for business users like you.

Model Training

Consistent processing and preparation are critical for AI model training and usage. We help you fully control natural language processing workflows with auditable and customizable services.

Model Deployment

Our expertly designed AI architectures and event management systems are built to handle the complexities of the natural language within resumes, C.V.s, bios and more, all in real-time. We help you create valuable technology assets by working with your data and business logic.

Model Optimization

AI should evolve with your business when you want it to and not randomly on its own. We help you understand when and why you should be optimizing or expanding your model through real-time dashboards and metadata asset management.

Vettd HUB

Continuous data augmentation

Vettd Hub is AI orchestration software that allows you to deploy and run your custom models automatically.

Add AI to any workflow

Review and label records in your database automatically regardless of which application they live in.

Always on

Automated business intelligence continuously keeps your data organized and valuable.

Scales with your data

AI Hub is designed to perform with modern data needs and evolve with your growing AI practice.

Deploy your AI in a modern ecosystem

We host, maintain, and integrate your AI models into your current systems and provide a customized dashboard to monitor their productivity.


Architecture suited for privacy and customization


Portable, scaleable deployment to meet your needs

GPU Compute

AI models made possible through the latest technology


Implement AI into an existing workflow for immediate feedback


Data is encrypted at rest and in transit with state-of-the-art security protocols

Vettd API

Supercharge your app with AI

Vettd API is designed to give your developers everything they need to add AI to any application or build an entirely new one.

Build with speed

High performant, enterprise-ready API that your developers will be quick to code with.

Adapts to your use case

Multiple backend implementation paths make it possible to build no matter what workflow you're dealing with.

Complex capabilities, simple interface

Powerful AI packaged up with straightforward terminology and easy-to-use calls.

Works with Vettd


Integrate with your existing applications

Our deep learning decision management systems are lightweight and can be added to nearly any application you use.


CRM Platform











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