Talent Classification

Vettd sees the same problem again and again as we work with large organizations: Talent management isn’t aligned with organizational goals. Talent priorities don’t translate into real-world results. The best talent is slipping away. Everyone is frustrated.

There is a new approach, using artificial intelligence to measure the potential of applicants and employees from the organization’s perspective. AI makes it possible to gain a deep understanding of people data at a scale not humanly possible.

Discover what Talent Classification can do for you

What is Talent Classification?

Talent classification is Vettd’s unique solution. It applies AI to the process of categorizing profiles according to shared qualities or characteristics. Imagine the time-consuming task of tagging and ranking hundreds of profiles for their skills, job families and experience. Except AI can do the job in minutes.

With the speed and accuracy of AI, talent classification helps organizations interpret masses of profiles and take the guesswork out of talent management.

How is Talent Classification used?

Talent classification is the foundation of talent management. It equips managers with a true understanding of the people they have and gaps they need to fill. It enables recruiters to quickly understand how individuals best fit within the organization.

From that foundation, everyone can agree which people are needed and how to measure talent. Organizations can be consistent in recommending internal moves, prioritizing new hires and executing long-term planning.

With data-driven planning, talent management decisions can be attuned to organizational goals. All aspects of talent management, over time and across the organization, are aligned from a shared perspective. So you can recruit and retain star talent.

How does Talent Classification work?

Vettd’s talent classification approach uses natural language processing to dig into text – resumes, for example – to understand the skills people are describing. Then it uses a series of deep neural networks to recognize patterns and accurately categorize and label profiles at scale.

The result is a set of categorized, prioritized profiles according to the qualities that matter most to your organization.

Talent Classification puts you in control

Vettd has designed talent classification so you can start using AI and get business value from it right away. Our no-code interface is designed for business users like you.

Once you see the tremendous value of AI in talent management, you'll want to demonstrate it to others in your organization. As the AI evangelist, you can show your team how talent classification helps you to align, collaborate and make data-driven people decisions without the guesswork.