Talent Acquisition

Give your recruiters time to be more effective

Today’s HR reality is this: You have more candidates than your recruiters can effectively evaluate. Strategic and tactical priorities collide, frustrating the hiring process. The time to fill a role stretches on. And by then the best candidates have other offers.

Improve effectiveness

Vettd creates custom artificial intelligence for you that evaluates applicants and employees like your recruiters would, but at a depth and scale not humanly possible. With the speed and accuracy of Vettd AI, clients have reported 40% efficiency gains. Vettd gives recruiters more time to do what matters – engaging with hiring managers and candidates.

Align talent acquisition

Your organization needs to harmonize talent acquisition with long-term business strategy. Hiring managers need openings filled with the most qualified candidates. Recruiters want to match candidates with the best openings. Aligning those needs takes time that your team simply doesn’t have. AI can do it in minutes.

Screen candidates better

The artificial intelligence we build for you makes it possible to gain a deep understanding of people from resumes and other unstructured text. Instead of your recruiters sifting through thousands of applicants looking for the gems, Vettd AI will analyze them accurately and rank them fast. Recruiters can consider all candidates for all openings in less time than they currently spend skimming a few resumes.

Achieve strategic objectives

With Vettd custom AI, business strategy drives talent acquisition. Your AI will give recruiters time to be more effective. It will enable recruiters to assess and communicate the objective qualifications of applicants. So each position can be matched with the ideal candidate. Vettd clients have achieved as much as 85% increases in acceptance rates.

How it works

Vettd’s talent acquisition uses natural language processing to understand the text of documents like resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles. Then it uses a series of deep neural networks to recognize patterns and accurately categorize candidates.

By filtering and prioritizing profiles at scale, Vettd will quickly show your recruiters which people to examine in more detail – so they can effectively match candidates with organizational goals and hiring managers’ needs.

Employee effectiveness starts here

Quantum-leap improvements in employee effectiveness await. Schedule a brief call so we can learn what Vettd.ai can do for you.

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