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Start discovering and hiring the best people with Vettd AI. Our talent classification approach will help you align hiring with strategic goals and make your organization more competitive.

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Nobody should feel the frustration of ineffective HR and talent management. That’s why we developed the Vettd AI platform.

Vettd builds AI into your existing HR software stack to take the guesswork out of talent management and create a competitive edge for your organization.

Talent Classification Enables Data-Driven Decisions

We believe HR and talent management processes should help organizations achieve their strategic goals, not impede them. Our talent classification approach aligns talent management decisions with organizational goals.

Talent classification uses AI to quickly measure the potential of applicants and employees from your organization’s perspective. The result is a set of categorized, prioritized profiles – so your team will have a shared understanding of employee skill gaps and the qualities of star talent needed to fill them.

With that shared knowledge, you always know your HR and talent management decisions are consistently aligned with strategic goals.

HR and Talent Management Success is Based on Talent Classification

Data-driven decisions become the foundation of exceptional talent management. HR team members will have a clearer understanding of the actions necessary to support organizational goals and track their success.

Talent classification makes it easy to achieve consensus about talent needs across the organization at all levels, including executive leadership, front-line managers and HR team members.

All aspects of talent management, over time and across the organization, will be aligned from a shared perspective. So you can recruit and retain star talent.

Explore AI Applications in HR and Talent Management

The AI models you build with Vettd will make it easy for recruiters and hiring managers to get on the same page for position requirements and evaluation of candidates. With Vettd AI you can…

Provide a deep understanding of the potential of applicants, at scale.

Bring to light employees who may be good candidates for reassignment, training or promotion.

Provide data-driven rationale for recommendations on how someone best fits within the organization.

Introduce new information so that workforce analysts can expand their understanding of how the organization is changing.

Enable deeper analysis on how strategic initiatives impact workforce composition.

All key HR and talent management activities benefit from AI models developed with the Vettd AI platform:


Clear understanding of how people fit into all possible roles within the organization.


Identification of key attributes of incoming talent informs what steps are needed to incorporate them into operations as efficiently as possible.

Performance Management

Thorough review of an employee's work helps in the comparison to organizational objectives.

Compensation Planning

With understanding and alignment on the attributes of employees and applicants, it becomes much easier to develop accurate and fair compensation across the organization.

Succession Planning

With understanding and alignment on the attributes of all employees, it becomes clear who is best suited to fill a position internally.

Learning and Development

Understanding the current attributes of your employees helps you recommend training programs and measure the impact.

Workforce Planning

Keeping up to date on your people's attributes helps you align your workforce with organizational objectives on an ongoing basis.

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