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Jul 22, 2019
The Transparency Problem with AI
The use of Artificial intelligence (AI) in important decision-making areas continues to grow and includes such important decisions as: loan-worthiness, emergency response, medical diagnosis, job candidate selection, parole determination, criminal punishment, and educator performance. But, a critical question keeps coming up in these areas, how are the decisions being made?
Posted by 
Jeff Brennan
Artificial Intelligence
Jun 6, 2019
Unsupervised vs Supervised AI: Not all AI is created equal
But how can you figure out which functions within your business can actually be transformed by AI? What are the quality limitations? How can you evaluate which business service companies are using AI effectively while others could be selling hyped up linear algebra? The best way to know if an AI product is right for your business is by asking the right questions.
Posted by 
Vettd Team
Artificial Intelligence

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