Everything you need for talent decision support

Whether you’re looking to improve the information shared within HR applications, automate recommendations, or discover hidden patterns in hiring practices, do it all with specialized AI for talent data.

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Share knowledge like never before

Vettd’s platform is designed to create trusted AI support services that work automatically to share knowledge and manage the process to do so.  


Ensure every profile is analyzed fairly and ethically.


Fully control the process and training data used for profile analysis.


Support your business with what matters most.


Proactively support your team, your business or your users.


High-performance models designed to work in the real world with real data.


Integrate your AI support services wherever you need them.

Model Training

Consistent processing and preparation are critical for AI model training and usage. We help you fully control natural language processing workflows with auditable and customizable services.

Model Deployment

Our expertly designed AI architectures and event management systems are built to handle the complexities of the natural language within resumes, C.V.s, bios and more, all in real-time. We help you create valuable technology assets by working with your data and business logic.

Model Optimization

AI should evolve with your business when you want it to and not randomly on its own. We help you understand when and why you should be optimizing or expanding your model through real-time dashboards and metadata asset management.

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Create and deploy intelligent services to improve the data that talent teams rely on for search, hiring, training, planning, and more


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