Supercharge your HR software with AI for talent classification

Auto tag every talent profile in any HR software and improve the data your team relies on for hiring, sourcing, planning, and more.

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Profiles classified by Vettd

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Skill tags applied in Workday
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Candidate profile analyzed & classified with AI
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New inbound candidate detected
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Customizable text classification that fits into any talent workflow

Categorize talent profiles using your own customized taxonomy and neural-based classification engine.

Generate critical metadata

Go from talent data chaos to neatly organized talent profiles you can explore by skill, job role, experience level, and more.

Maintain a reliable database

Create and maintain a talent database that you can rely on for talent acquisition, strategic workforce planning, employee engagement, and more.

Improve decision making

Backed by robust data, more informed talent decisions can be made quicker and with more confidence than ever.

How it works

Classify resume text at scale

Use AI that makes human-like decisions to identify and label skills, relevant roles, experience level, or any additional attribute you value.

Classify your own resume file
Which skills does Julie have?
Enterprise Sales
Sales Management
SaaS Sales
Consumer Sales
SMB Sales
JSON Response
{ "skills": {    
      "Skill": "Enterprise Sales",
     "Score": 0.928365482  
      "Skill": "Sales Management",
     "Score": 0.845383773  
      "Skill": "SaaS Sales",
     "Score": 0.816390768  
      "Skill": "Consumer Sales",
     "Score": 0.491903834  
      "Skill": "SMB Sales",
     "Score": 0.380825829  
   } }

AI Event Hub

Vettd hosts your AI ecosystem on a single tenant and creates connectors to all of your applications. This way, your AI is still yours even if you switch talent software.

Hosted outside of your applications

Control your business processes regardless of what application you're using today or in the future.

Continuous data management

End-to-end services to manage data for real-time processing and AI training in a secured environment.

AI model network effect

Take advantage of multiple AI models working together to provide completely new services.

getting started

Your AI success partner

You could have a customized, state-of-the-art AI engine powering your talent database in as little as 30 days.


Create your taxonomy

Leverage your existing data structure or create a new taxonomy with Vettd's experts.


Train your custom AI model

Gather your data and Vettd will help you turn it into an AI model capable of automating a mission-critical task.


Integrate into your HR software

Coordinate with Vettd to deploy your classification AI model into your workflows.

In-house expertise not required

In using AI for talent profile analysis, Vettd sets you up for success. When we say "full stack", we mean all the technology, knowledge, and support services to train, deploy, and optimize AI models for superior decision making and insights.

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Model Training

Access to state-of-the-art technology and a process you won't experience anywhere else.

Model Deployment

Integrate AI models into any number of applications and workflows.

Model Optimization

Use real-world data to ethically improve performance and expand capabilities.


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