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Achieve Excellence in Talent Management with Talent Classification

Leading organizations aspire to align talent management with strategic goals. With talent classification, organizations can identify skill gaps, spot ideal candidates to fill them, and take the guesswork out of talent management – so they can consistently recruit and retain star talent.

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In this white paper, you'll learn:

5 key uses for talent classification that help HR team members quickly recruit ideal candidates before competitors snap them up.

How talent classification works and the underlying technology it uses.

How to get started with talent classification for your organization.

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Start discovering and hiring the best people with Vettd AI. Our talent classification approach will help you align hiring with strategic goals and make your organization more competitive.

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Jack Russell
Strategic Recruitment Analyst
Advanced Group
"Vettd’s Talent Classification Guide helped us develop a clear business case for our leadership to consume and provided valuable insight that was key in developing our project plan."
Chris Pearce
Vice President of Sales
Tableau Software
“Vettd’s new approach to talent management using AI is a game-changer. I highly recommend this ebook to anyone in charge of managing a large organization.”
Lexington Griffith
Senior Business Analyst
Point B
“Vettd allows us to extend our intuitions around talent management to a massive scale. We get a deeper level of testable insights that we’re able to build on top of.”