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Vettd Studio is the no-code platform that lets you create unique AI assets that unlock the value of your talent data.

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Learn more about Talent Classification

Talent classification is the missing layer of your HR technology stack.

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The models you create are unique and can't be used by your competition


You decide which training data to use and how to use it


Understand what goes into creating an AI model and audit the entire process


No technical expertise is required to use the latest in deep learning AI

Supercharge your HR software

Use Studio to build the model that makes real-time talent classification decisions on your behalf.

Which skills does Julie have?
Enterprise Sales
Sales Management
SaaS Sales
Consumer Sales
SMB Sales
JSON Response
{ "skills": {    
      "Skill": "Enterprise Sales",
     "Score": 0.928365482  
      "Skill": "Sales Management",
     "Score": 0.845383773  
      "Skill": "SaaS Sales",
     "Score": 0.816390768  
      "Skill": "Consumer Sales",
     "Score": 0.491903834  
      "Skill": "SMB Sales",
     "Score": 0.380825829  
   } }

How it works


Design your taxonomy

Every company has their own way of organizing and tagging talent. Use Studio to create a decision tree with classes that your AI will use to tag talent.


Add and validate your training data

Each class in your taxonomy needs corresponding training data. Upload, process, and inspect resumes to create the foundation of your AI model.


Deploy and monitor AI in your workflows

Incorporate talent classification directly into your HR tech stack and track its performance in real-time

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