Supercharge your HR software with AI resume parsing & screening

Categorize talent profiles using your own customized taxonomy and neural-based classification engine.

Customizable parsing

Extract any field you need. Go beyond contact information and identify skills, experience level, and more.

Generate critical metadata

Create and maintain a talent database that you can rely on for talent acquisition, strategic workforce planning, employee engagement, and more.

Screen every resume

Seamless integration into your HRIS means that every resume you come across has been interpreted and labeled for you in advance.

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How it works

Process resume text at scale

Use AI that makes human-like decisions to identify and label skills, relevant roles, experience level, or any additional field you value.

Which skills does Julie have?
Enterprise Sales
Sales Management
SaaS Sales
Consumer Sales
SMB Sales
JSON Response
{ "skills": {    
      "Skill": "Enterprise Sales",
     "Score": 0.928365482  
      "Skill": "Sales Management",
     "Score": 0.845383773  
      "Skill": "SaaS Sales",
     "Score": 0.816390768  
      "Skill": "Consumer Sales",
     "Score": 0.491903834  
      "Skill": "SMB Sales",
     "Score": 0.380825829  
   } }
Fields filled & tags applied in Workday
1 minute ago
Resume screened & classified with AI
3 minutes ago
New inbound candidate detected in Salesforce
5 minutes ago

Talent Classification Powered by AI

Auto tag every talent profile in any HR software and improve the data your team relies on for hiring, sourcing, planning, and more.

Getting started is easy

You could have a customized, state-of-the-art AI engine powering your talent database in as little as 30 days.


Create your taxonomy

Leverage your existing data structure or create a new taxonomy with Vettd's experts.


Train your custom AI model

Gather your data and Vettd will help you turn it into an AI model capable of automating a mission-critical task.


Integrate into your HR software

Coordinate with Vettd to deploy your classification AI model into your workflows.

Vettd was recognized in Gartner's Cool Vendors in Human Capital Management for Talent Acquisition research report published on September 7th, 2018.

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