Vettd was founded to solve one of the biggest economic data challenges of our time. How does an organization understand the value of unique individuals?  How can that value be contextualized with the goals of the business?

This problem has created massive inefficiencies throughout the talent acquisition process and contributes to misalignment between employees and their roles across entire organizations. You end up with employees that feel lost or without career direction and organizations that aren't operating as efficiently as they could be.

By leveraging deep learning applied to natural language processing, we can interpret and understand the value of an individual better than ever before. We will overcome these challenges together and bring much-needed support to the people we entrust to make critical talent decisions.

5+ years focused on talent

Our expert team has been focused on solving data problems for the talent industry for over 5 years.

4 patents pending

Our world–renowned data scientists have invented numerous NLP technologies to tackle talent data issues.

An AI technology partner you can innovate with

Our unique approach will allow you to adopt AI with no prior experience. We give you the tools you need to realize true impact from AI.

Meet the board

Andrew Buhrmann

President & CEO

Dave Williams

Board Member

Michael Buhrmann


Michael Millegan

Board Member

Meet a few of our AI Experts

Ali Shokoufandeh

Data Scientist

Dario Salvucci

Data Scientist


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