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The Future of AI for HR in Five Truths

Vettd, the leader in deep learning for Human Capital Management, launches new eBook for enterprise HR leaders

Vettd, the leader in deep learning for Human Capital Management, recently launched its latest eBook for enterprise HR leaders.

Designed to help HR teams understand and assess the current applications and challenges of AI within human capital management, “The Future of AI for HR in Five Truths” focuses on five areas today that will drive organizational transformation tomorrow.

With more than 99 percent of executives citing a need for more data-driven culture and only 33 percent claiming success, pressure is mounting for HR teams to find scalable solutions to data-heavy challenges such as mapping large workforces to company objectives, assessing and attracting talent at scale, addressing diversity and inclusion initiatives, and predicting future workforce needs.

Although there’s been so much talk over the past few years about using AI to deal with complex workforce challenges, expectations have been raised and largely unmet for HR leaders and technologists. Produced in partnership with HCM innovators from The Starr Conspiracy and Vettd’s data science team, Vettd’s new eBook provides a starting point for HR executives looking to apply AI to adapt their organizations as the market evolves.

“With so much noise and confusion around what AI is actually doing from both startups and existing technology vendors, we see a critical need for straightforward applications of deep learning for enterprises to both know their people and plan for the future,” said Vettd President Andrew Buhrmann. “Vettd’s customers are pragmatists that expect HCM solutions that will impact their business in a material way, and this eBook is designed to help them wade through the hype.”

The Future of AI for HR in 5 Truths addresses the following topics for HR teams, as well as analytics teams supporting HR and recruiting functions:

  • Identifying opportunities for AI and human collaboration
  • Addressing ownership issues of data and AI models between enterprises and third-party vendors
  • Understanding the difference between augmentation and automation
  • Avoiding data chaos through an integrated AI strategy
  • Shifting from storing data to applying data to meet crucial business goals

Named by Gartner as a 2018 “Cool Vendor in HCM for Talent Acquisition,” Vettd closes the talent analytics technology gap for major enterprises through custom deep learning models for strategic workforce planning and organizational transformation.

To download a free copy of the eBook or schedule an AI HCM assessment, visit https://vettd.ai/.

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