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2016 HR Market Outlook

Here are my top questions looking forward to 2016.

Here are my top questions looking forward to 2016.

  • Will mobile initiatives finally slow down to shift industry focus on to truly innovative products?
  • Is this the year that companies more readily accept cloud based HR tools?
  • Will the HR industry start to finally condense into some major brand players outside of LinkedIn?

HR investments are ubiquitous due to the size of the job market and the variety found in the customer pool (companies). In addition, HR departments tend to lag behind in adopting new products due to compliance issues and a lack of internal initiative or investment. This situation has led to many companies getting minimal traction without widespread market adoption adding to an ever expanding, crowded market where the dinosaurs still seem to be impervious to extinction. This leads to companies that interject with incremental market hacks that have minimal long term success but get momentary excitement. Can 2016 be the year we start to break down some barriers and not fall short of true innovation?

Think about all the companies built off of LinkedIn. Is that really true innovation? Do those companies change or improve the way we look at hiring?

For me, I am optimistic for 2016 and beyond. With professional networks struggling to keep their pace of growth, overwhelming content plays producing no real value, and social media’s continuing goal to simplify our intellect, the time is ripe for a change that truly moves the industry forward.

Welcome 2016! We look forward to meeting you!

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