Maximize your impact with Advantage 2.0

Data Innovation is one of the best ways to achieve Advantage 2.0. Using your data to innovate isn’t business as usual because enterprises rarely embrace the three pillars of Data Innovation and commercial artificial intelligence for business data is just starting to gain momentum. Vettd helps every organization adopt and love the impact Data Innovation can have on their company, teams, and customers.

Pillar 1

Data-Driven Enterprise

A Data-driven Enterprise culture recognizes Data-as-a-Product, unleashing its full potential. This means a shift to a ‘product managers’ mindset, auditing and curating data regularly and continuously learning from how data gets used and overlooked.

Pillar 2

Data Ecosystems

Innovating around data is not just about taking advantage of your data; it is also about using the vast amount of online data available to create a data ecosystem that enhances and extends its value, allowing your data to evolve with your changing business strategies.

Pillar 3

Data-First Apps

A Data-driven Enterprise building Data Ecosystems across the organization will achieve Advantage 2.0 by deploying Data-first applications. These intelligent applications dynamically interact with people and vast amounts of data in real-time to enhance intelligence and intuition. The result is unparalleled productivity.

Working with Advantage 2.0

Leave no data out of the picture

Data-first applications are designed to deal with both structured and unstructured data, and both internal and external data.

Evolve with your data and market

Data ecosystem schemas designed to be dynamic based on their use cases and evolving data outputs.

Know where to go next

Analytics that focus on what might happen in the future and what you should do next.

Don't get lost in complex data

Data-first applications present intelligence in ways that enable a human user to deliver optimum results

Industry support for Advantage 2.0

"Companies are increasingly seeking better insights by tapping into third-party data. Outside data can bring lots of opportunity, but using it effectively can be challenging.”
"Data ecosystems made simple, a platform that combines data from numerous providers and builds value through the usage of processed data"
"Each component of the data ecosystem interacts with and exerts influence over the other components, which means it can introduce data integrity, privacy, and security threats if a business isn’t careful.”

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