Vettd is the fastest, most comprehensive way to identify applicants who are most likely to matriculate and thrive academically at your school.

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Screen applications faster,
expand diversity opportunities, interview sooner

Vettd processes and screens applications faster and more consistently allowing your admissions team to engage ideal applicants sooner.

Give your admissions team more time to develop relationships with ideal applicants

Start interviews ahead of schedule and make offers sooner than your competition

Evaluate applicants more thoroughly
and with less bias

Vettd lets you assess applicants more thoroughly to reduce the number of interviews necessary to fill your class.

Identify more ideal applicants and screen out those who don't align with what you're looking for

Give your admissions team more time to focus on a smaller pool of applicants

Let your faculty spend less time doing interviews and more time on more impactful work

Kari Rasmussen
Worth a second look
Jacob Ginnish
Worth a second look
Lucy Walker
Hold for now
Cedric Xiong
Hold for now

Focus on applicants likely to matriculate

With Vettd, your admissions team spends more time on applicants who are likely to matriculate and less time on those who aren’t really interested.

Understand which applicants share your school’s values and align with your mission

Accept special consideration applicants with confidence

Quantify and measure attributes that are traditionally difficult to measure

Identify applicants who are likely to succeed even though their academic performance does not indicate they will


AI in College Admissions

Due to the impact COVID-19 is having on college admissions, Deans and Heads of Admission are seizing the opportunity to embrace a new and more inclusive application process.

That’s why Vettd and over a dozen colleges have partnered to study the positive impact AI can have for both the applicants and hard-working admissions teams making higher education possible.

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